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Visual Arts


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About this course

This course is taught as a foundational skills-based Photoshop class for all Visual Art & Design students. It covers hundreds of learning objectives relating to image editing and manipulation for graphic artists. The goal of this course is to expose students to Photoshop’s breadth of possibilities and to ensure students have the knowledge and skillset necessary to properly prepare images for various output methods. Our programs are designed with one common foundational Photoshop course. Once a student completes this course he or she continues on to a program specific advanced Photoshop course that takes a deeper dive into the topics relating to a specific program (ex- photography, graphic design, multimedia).

Learning objectives are linked to lessons and are listed on the second slide of each slideshow lecture.

Lesson 01 – Launching Adobe Photoshop CC

Lesson 02 – Creating & Cropping Files

Lesson 03 – Adobe Bridge Basics

Lesson 04 – Camera Raw 101

Lesson 05 – Workspaces & Presets


Lesson 06 – Pixel Basics

LESSON 07 – Layer Essentials

LESSON 08 – Selections & Masks

LESSON 09 – History Panel


LESSON 10 – Using Color

LESSON 11 – Adjustment Layers

LESSON 12 – Compositing

LESSON 13 – Painting & Brushes

LESSON 14 – Retouching & Fixing Images

LESSON 15 – Focus & Blur

LESSON 16 – Modifying Layer Content

LESSON 17 – Using Filters

LESSON 18 – Adding & Modifying Type

LESSON 19 – Layer Effects & Styles

LESSON 20 – Vector Art & Paths

LESSON 21 – Preferences


LESSON 22 – Actions & Automation

LESSON 23 – Exporting & Printing