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The content posted to Open Graphic Arts is free to be used by educators for educational purposes.

We currently share access to the materials we have assembled and developed for our own classes. We’ll also happily provide access to our full Canvas LMS courses upon request. Please use the contact us form to request additional information about out classes.

We are currently working on ART 1280 Image Editing & Manipulation…

  • formatting ART 1280 slideshows into a digital textbook

  • example images are being replaced with images we have captured and licensed for OPEN use and/or found via OPEN content

  • eText should be completed by the end of the Spring 2020 semester

  • we’re looking for peer reviewers from all facets of the graphic arts industry. if you are interested please contact us via the contact us form above

If you would like to use our content we ask that you…

  • Promote OER in your work. Do not take credit for content you did not develop. Please include a brief description of OER (Open Educational Resources) on your syllabus.

  • Let us know you're using the content. Send an email to opengraphicarts@gmail.com with any questions you have about the content. We'd like to know who's using the content and how it is being applied so we can continue to make the site practical and efficient for others to use. We also have additional recourses that can be provided depending on your needs (like full access to Canvas courses with question banks, projects, scoring rubrics, etc…). Please use your .edu email address and provide a link to your college’s website where we can confirm your position.

  • Do not sell or use this content to make money. You may edit content to fit your needs or use the classes as is, but we ask that you do not profit from it in any way.

  • Get permission. The content posted to this site is free for anyone to use, but we ask that current Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) faculty and staff receive written permission to use our course content at our home institution.